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Our expertise lies in enhancing the health and vitality of entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives. We combine cutting-edge science with personalized attention to ensure every client achieves their optimum health goals.

Step into the elite circle of 2,000+ top-tier professionals who have turned to SummaUp to redefine their health and vitality. It's your time to shine and reach new levels of success and well-being.


Real Clients Real Reviews


"This is the best I've felt as an adult."

Seasoned CEO of a software company — always on alert, juggling international calls from dawn, ready to engage with his team

He was previously sacrificing his body for career success, but Dr. Ryan helped him turn things around dramatically

Before working with SummaUp it would take him hours to accomplish what he now accomplishes in minutes

"Dr. Ryan's process turned me into a lifelong client."

He’s now matching his work output from his 20s and 30s, thanks to newfound mental sharpness

He is achieving the unthinkable for a 54 year old guy with the help of Dr. Ryan ($100Mn+ exit)

"Think of Dr. Ryan as a coach leading you to your winning destination."

John believes Dr Ryan is worth way more than he charges his clients


"Amazing things are happening!"

  • Cara is a 46 year-old real estate investor in Pennsylvania juggling a husband and three kids under 10
  • Other medical professionals had failed to find the root cause of Cara's bad moods and fatigue — they kept telling her she was "fine"
  • Her husband was getting great results with SummaUp, so she asked him if Dr. Ryan also treated women. (The answer is YES!)
  • Cara's goal was to get stronger and increase endurance so she could keep up with her kids, and still enjoy life after they grow up.
  • She's lost 15lbs and her muscle definition is like it was decades ago when she was a soccer player.
  • Speaking of the custom plan Dr. Ryan made for Cara, she said: "This was so simple... Nobody should feel intimidated to do this.... it was awesome."
  • Energy, mood, and performance are all up!
  • "You nailed it, because you were my one stop shop."
  • “He makes it simple. You just have to jump on board. Try it out and see where you will go. It's exciting!"


"You will not regret it. 100%"

Leading Tech Co’s Analytics/HR department while juggling a wife, 3 boys, and 3 dogs

He’s outpacing his sons - this is his new normal!

He now wakes up to a day full of possibilities

His energy levels completely changed since he started working with Dr. Ryan

“I feel better, I feel clearer. My brain fog went away because I'm sleeping better.”

“SummaUp checked every single thing that I was looking for in a clinic.”

He’s starting to see the changes affect his family too because it’s become an important part of his life.

“Take the leap, make it happen. Don't think about it.”


"I haven't felt these things in so long"

  • When she's not caring for her energetic 8 year-old daughter, Devin is running a horse farm in Georgia where she rehabs horses
  • When Devin came to SummaUp she was struggling with debilitating chronic health problems that were making her life a living hell
  • A myriad of medical professionals couldn't pinpoint the problem — they kept telling her "there's nothing wrong with you" — but there were many wrong things going on
  • "I was living in pain and agony every day. Everything that I ate made me sick. Some days I could ride a horse, but then the next day I couldn't even walk."
  • This young mom was ready to give up on life at just 32 years old, until her husband said he needed to see his doctor
  • Dr. Ryan quickly discovered multiple vitamin deficiencies and hormone abnormalities, plus a food allergy and a disrupted microbiome
  • Fast forward 6 months and Devin no longer needs an afternoon nap — instead she's hitting Personal Bests in her workouts!
  • Devin is also able to coach her daughter's soccer team and show horses again, activities she worried would never be possible again
  • Without the chronic health problems robbing energy and causing anxiety, Devin says she's more patient, present, and positive.
  • "I'm a much better wife, a better mom, and a better friend."


"I feel like I'm in my 20s again"

Chris is an executive who has a very busy work and home life. He’s a father to 6 boys and is an active pro tennis player

He went from feeling tired, sluggish, and experiencing 2 pm crashes to having endless energy and never feeling fatigued, allowing him to keep up with his active lifestyle and 6 kids.

Chris now feels comfortable taking his shirt off at the beach — which is a huge deal for him.

“I feel like I'm in my 20s again. I feel like I'm back to that competitive basketball player level, I feel like I'm there physically.”

"I feel no pains anywhere, no lower back pains, really no knee pains. No elbow or arm issues from tennis."

“My 20 and 19-year-olds can't compete with me anymore. if we go for a run or something like that. So I definitely feel like I can keep up with them. And I feel like I'm a better parent.”

Every time Chris bumps into someone who hasn't seen him for a month, they always ask him: "What is going on?" "You look strong, healthy, and happy!" The change in him is awe-inspiring to those around him.

"This is just the beginning of my journey. And I encourage everyone, if you want to be the best you, and make it to 150 (or want to try)... sign up!"


"I'm back to who I used to be"

  • Running a residential repair business for 20 years has taken a toll on Tonia's physical and mental health
  • Working long hours and ignoring her health led to excess weight and brain fog that Tonia just couldn't shake
  • Once she hit her 50's, Tonia's doctor kept telling her she needed to lose weight, but he never gave her a real plan to follow
  • Her husband was experiencing great results with SummaUp, so he told her she needed to talk to Dr. Ryan
  • "I was tired of seeing what I saw in the mirror, and I was tired of feeling the way I felt. So I said I gotta change it. — and I didn't "try" — I did it. I did it!"
  • Tonia went on to lose 30 pounds and get lean, fit and energetic.
  • Her cholesterol levels dropped back into the healthy range — without taking statins — now she has the lipid panel of a healthy 20 year old
  • Cara took the momentum she gained personally and applied it to her business, tackling big business challenges and eventually earning 2 national certifications
  • She's also seen huge improvements in her mood, focus, libido, and self confidence
  • "I'm joking, and flirting and having fun and feeling good and feeling sexy."


"I believe I’ve extended my life by a long long time."

Commanding the helm of a bustling mid 8 Figure+ roofing enterprise, he's nimbly balancing roles as grandfather, father, and husband

He shed a whopping 40 lbs — from 245 to a fit 205. A transformation so dramatic, it's impossible to ignore!

“My 34th anniversary is coming up and I look very similar to when I got married at 21.”

He’s seeing transformations ripple through his family, because dedication to his health is infectious

Revamped energy levels — it's like waking up to a brand-new day, every day!

“I felt like Dr. Ryan cared and he was there every step of the way.”

Dr. Ryan encouraged him to set a goal beyond where he thought he wanted to go

He had to buy a new suit after dropping 40lbs — and it looks so much better on him. too!

“If you have a reason to do this, don't delay, just go ahead and do it”

He now has no trouble waking up before his alarm at 5:30AM and going strong until bedtime at 9-10PM

This was unexpected: Top line grew about 15% and bottom line grew 5% — and that was with good margins already!


"Cholesterol is down 30 points in 90 days."

Running the gauntlet of Silicon Valley's high-stakes private equity scene, he's on full throttle every single day

From reminiscing about his 22-year-old physique to reclaiming it, his transformation is inspirational (former NCAA D1 QB)

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heading towards a heart attack — now he's a champion of health — all without medication!

Athletics and working out returned to being a healthy outlet for stress relief for him

"I've been feeling less stressed and have noticed improved energy, greater drive, and motivation toward success.”

From a staggering 253 lbs post-pandemic to a fit and healthy version of himself. Dr. Ryan and his team were instrumental in his transformation

“Dr. Ryan can talk the talk, but he can walk the walk too, because he’s actually been there."

“Preventative care doesn't really exist in American medicine today and it’s a very unique aspect of what Dr. Ryan and his team are offering beyond traditional Executive Health/Anti-Aging programs


"I feel better than I did at 30."

Dentist who wants to enjoy the rest of his career while dedicating time to his family

No ordinary 50-year-old — he's ripping out chin-ups at 200lbs with a zeal of a man in his 20s

“Dr. Ryan really does change lives for sure. Without a doubt, it facilitates change that couldn't be done otherwise.”

He’s making the most of the little joys of life, like a comfortable plane ride, thanks to his stunning waistline transformation from 62” to 34”

it's a mind-blowing transformation: Shedding a massive 170lbs of fat, gaining 30lbs of solid muscle, and defeating type 2 diabetes too!

Does a double take when he walks past a mirror because he doesn’t recognize himself

Patients at his dental practice are often confused — wondering if his younger brother has taken his place

Once running on empty, now he's overflowing with an unstoppable energy rush & productivity level!


“My old jeans from 10 years ago are starting to fit again.”

Spearheading a bustling multi location dental empire, while juggling precious moments with family — a dentist mastering the art of living fully at work and home

Reigniting the fiery zest of his 20s, he's back in full force, thanks to SummaUp

Sharing a bond with Dr. Ryan that goes beyond traditional client-coach interaction — it's a partnership in health

He no longer needs an afternoon pick-me-up; instead, he's energized, actively expanding his practice and spending quality time with his family

“I have the time and energy for my family — that’s the #1 thing”

He’s turning heads with his transformation — friends are lining up to get his secret sauce to success

"My life is no longer ruled by stress."

People around him started noticing the change, and his friends are seeking advice on replicating his success

Shedding an impressive 35 lbs in just under 5 months, he's completely transformed — all thanks to Dr. Ryan's Uberhuman program!


"After packing on 26 lbs of pure muscle, I’ve had to throw all my suits away."

Thriving as a 39-year-old high-stakes attorney, he's walking a tightrope between courtroom battles and precious family time

“The SummaUp program worked and seamlessly fit into my life with no obstacles."

He’s now sprinting full-steam ahead in the marathon of life — no longer running on reserves, thanks to Dr. Ryan

His transformation at Dr. Ryan's clinic is insane: swapping fatigue for muscle and energy

Burning the candle at both ends is a thing of the past. Thanks to Dr. Ryan, he's now the master of his schedule

He’s achieving a level of physical fitness and energy that turns heads – all thanks to Dr. Ryan.

"I was already lean and muscular and weighed 150lbs. I packed on muscle and now weigh 176 lbs.”

Building muscle and shaking off exhaustion — his journey with SummaUp is flat-out incredible!


"People half my age at the gym couldn't really keep up with me."

As an Anesthesiologist he relies on referrals so he needs to deliver a top-notch experience to his patients every single day

One of the first things he noticed was being able to sleep better — in fact, just getting more sleep made his body change and start to look better

“SummaUp and Dr. Ryan checked all the boxes for me.”

People even half his age at the gym can’t really keep up with him

“I am booked up a whole year and I've had offices that really enjoy having me there because of my renewed optimistic outlook.”

Unleashing unstoppable growth: his confidence is skyrocketing, business is flourishing, and now he's scouting new ventures and scaling his new med tech. startup as a Founder/CEO

“I will message Dr. Ryan and he'll get back to me right away. I am really appreciative of those types of things.”

Even his loved ones noticed the remarkable shift in his behavior and demeanor. He's embracing the newfound joy and radiance that sets him apart from his competitors