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Have you seen these frightening headlines?

"Weight Loss Drugs Can Lead To Muscle Loss, Too."

- — May 20, 2023

"The Race Is On to Stop [Semaglutide] Muscle Loss"

- — Feb. 8, 2024

"[Semaglutide] Makes You Lose More Than Fat"

- — Feb. 2, 2024

"Doctor warns that weight-loss drug semaglutide is shrinking patients' muscle mass at an alarming rate"

- — Mar. 13, 2023

"[Semaglutide] Can Cause Major Loss of Muscle Mass and Reduce Bone Density"

- — May 2, 2023

“Plastic surgeons warn ‘Ozempic face’ has taken over Hollywood”

- N.Y. Post - Apr. 19, 2024

What the Science Says About Semaglutide and Muscle Wasting

After 12 months on Semaglutide, the average person sheds 15% of their body weight. 

But new studies show that a staggering 38% of this loss could be from your lean masslike bone and muscle! 1

Using those numbers as a guide, if a 175 pound woman dropped 36 pounds on Semaglutide, that could look like...

Start Shedding Pounds Now

Weight Loss Acceleration Protocol

Losing Muscle and Bone Density: A Key Concern

for Everyone After 45

The loss of muscle mass doesn't just impact your strength; it directly affects your weight management efforts by decreasing your metabolism. 

Muscle keeps your energy expenditure high — even while you sleep! 

What's more, maintaining bone density is crucial for overall health, especially as we age, supporting mobility and protecting against fractures.

Kick Your Metabolism into High Gear

Weight Loss Acceleration Protocol

Empowering Your Slimming Journey: The LeanFastRx Solution

After investing 3 years and $5M, Dr. Ryan has developed his LeanFastRx program — designed to help people over 45 lose weight with Semaglutide — while preserving muscle and bone health. 

This innovative program uniquely combines:

  • A protein-rich meal plan that supports the preservation of lean muscle.
  • A specialized fitness regimen focused on boosting bone density and strengthening muscles.

In addition, LeanFastRx members receive unlimited access to an elite weight loss coach to ensure their success.

Begin Your LeanFastRx Transformation

180-Day Performance Guarantee

These women saw a significant difference in


-Chloe, 39

"Before trying LeanFastRx, I spent two years on Semaglutide with all the side effects nausea and gut issues and worst of all, my husband said I looked skinny fat. After I switched to Dr. Ryan’s program, I had no side effects whatsoever. I mean you will see results with the first week, I promise you. If you just do what you’re told, eat what you’re told, exercise what you’re told to exercise, you will see results.

-Charlotte, 57.

"It didn’t change my life in a negative way, or take more time out of my day. I just swapped it for things in my day that were not helping. You're actually liking the food, you're having plenty of the food, you're feeling full and you're losing weight.” My kids now are like, “Ooh, you look good mom.

-Amanda, 42.

"I’ve become a much better version of myself I'm able to go to the beach without hesitation. I feel amazing. I have a lot more confidence in myself, and my husband has even mentioned this!"

-Jasmine, 55.

30lbs gone with LeanFast! It's the real deal for weight loss.”

-Cara, 47.

“You guys are another set of friends that I have. You changed my life! I lost 24 pounds using Semaglutide without side effects and gained muscle with your help and support."

-Tonia, 51.

"LeanFastRx has been a game-changer for me.  I can look back and love the big version of myself for making this decision, for starting this journey. And I'm sitting here at the end of it so proud of all I've accomplished."

-Chrissy, 40.

“With LeanFast, I accomplished in just 90 days what took me 9 months to achieve on my own!”

Here's What's Included with Dr. Ryan's


Next-Day Semaglutide Delivery

Our Semaglutide hits your doorstep at lighting speed — but that's not all that's better about it. We use a more powerful formula PLUS we guide you through a proprietary injection strategy that reduces unwanted side effects.

with L-Carnitine

Did you know that low L-Carnitine levels are associated with weight loss stagnation? Your metabolism can't burn bright without this key nutrient — and yet most people are deficient 2

  • A 2021 study showed that lower levels of carnitine are linked to a higher risk of being overweight & feeling fatigued 3
  • A 2020 study revealed that that injectable L-carnitine actually lowers the risk of obesity 4

This is why we incorporate L-carnitine into our formula — so you experience even faster weight loss results & higher energy levels

Plus, our unique formula keeps stable without refrigeration—take it anywhere!

MINIMIZE SIDE EFFECTS with Dr. Ryan's Unique Method

One of the biggest complaints about Semaglutide are the digestive side effects — like nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, stomach pains, constipation, and diarrhea. 

Thankfully, Dr. Ryan has mastered a unique injection strategy that significantly reduces digestive discomforts

His proprietary approach is designed to make your weight loss experience with Semaglutide as comfortable as possible.

180-Day Performance Guarantee

Muscle Strengthening 

Meal Plan

Most people just aren't getting enough protein — so when they start eating less on Semaglutide, their protein deficiency gets even worse.

So if you want to support your muscles while you slim down, you need to dramatically increase your protein intake!

That's why Dr. Ryan LeanFastRx program comes with a meal plan that includes recipes for hundreds of delicious, protein-packed meals.

We'll also be watching your other macros to make sure you're getting enough fiber, healthy fats and carbs, too.

And don't worry about getting hungry, because you're going to be feeding that muscle by eating 4 medium-sized meals a day.

Bone Building Fitness Plan

Embracing weight training alongside Semaglutide offers undeniable benefits:

  • Strength training is crucial for maintaining and enhancing bone density 5 
  • Strength training ensures fat loss while preserving precious muscle mass, critical for a healthy metabolism.
  • Engaging in weight training boosts your metabolism, enabling round-the-clock calorie burn 6

Just three 45-minute sessions each week can significantly bolster both muscle and bone strength, optimizing Semaglutide’s fat-reduction capabilities.

Our app grants you immediate access to a comprehensive library of workouts, complete with video tutorials to guide you through each exercise safely and effectively.

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Unlimited Weight Loss Coaching

Your transformation journey is significantly enhanced with the support of our elite weight loss coaches. 

These seasoned professionals aren't just fitness experts; they're well-versed in nutrition and psychology, too. 

As your dedicated partners, they're ready to provide personalized program guidance, overcome challenges, and offer the motivational surge you need to keep pushing forward. 

With unlimited access to message your coach in our app, you're encouraged to reach out as often as needed. 

Whether it's fine-tuning your meal plan, adjusting your workout, or navigating the mental hurdles of weight loss, your coach is there to ensure you're fully supported every step of the way.

Unlock Your Ultimate Physique

180-Day Performance Guarantee



"I want to look good. But I want to feel good more"

  • Christine, a 40-year-old mother of two young children, balances a busy life with her responsibilities as a business owner and parent. "I have two small children. I have an eight-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl. I'm very busy with them."
  • Despite having extensive knowledge, Christine values accountability and made the switch to SummaUp after nearly a decade with her previous macro coach.
  • Christine prioritizes feeling good over simply looking good and seeks balance and enjoyment in her life while managing her business and family. "I want to look good. But I want to feel good more and I assume that looking good will follow suit."
  • Inspired by her partner, who is also on the program, Christine saw firsthand the effectiveness of SummaUp's approach. "I am dating somebody who's on your program. And he's 57 and he looks 43!"
  • Christine achieved significant weight loss, reaching almost her lowest weight of 132 pounds from 154 pounds, in just two and a half months.
  • The rapid progress with SummaUp was a stark contrast to her previous experience, where it took nine months to go from 154 to 140 pounds.
  • Christine appreciates the support and responsiveness of the SummaUp team, highlighting the importance of investing in one's health now. "What I didn't realize is that you have a whole team behind you, so I can send a message at any time and somebody answers me."

"I haven't felt these things in so long"

Tonia's Inspiring Transformation: Almost 30lbs Lighter, Confident, Mindset Mastered!

  • Running a residential repair business for 20 years has taken a toll on Tonia's physical and mental health
  • Working long hours and ignoring her health led to excess weight and brain fog that Tonia just couldn't shake
  • Once she hit her 50's, Tonia's doctor kept telling her she needed to lose weight, but he never gave her a real plan to follow
  • Her husband was experiencing great results with SummaUp, so he told her she needed to talk to Dr. Ryan
  • "I was tired of seeing what I saw in the mirror, and I was tired of feeling the way I felt. So I said I gotta change it.  — and I didn't "try" — I did it. I did it!" 
  • Tonia went on to lose 30 pounds and get lean, fit and energetic.
  • Her cholesterol levels dropped back into the healthy range — without taking statins —  now she has the lipid panel of a healthy 20 year old
  • Cara took the momentum she gained personally and applied it to her business, tackling big business challenges and eventually earning 2 national certifications
  • She's also seen huge improvements in her mood, focus, libido, and self confidence
  • "I'm joking, and flirting and having fun and feeling good and feeling sexy."

"Amazing things are happening!"

From 'Just Fine' to Flawless: Cara's Journey to Strength and Stamina with SummaUp

  • Cara is a 46 year-old real estate investor in Pennsylvania juggling a husband and three kids under 10
  • Other medical professionals had failed to find the root cause of Cara's bad moods and fatigue — they kept telling her she was "fine" 
  • Her husband was getting great results with SummaUp, so she asked him if Dr. Ryan also treated women. (The answer is YES!)
  • Cara's goal was to get stronger and increase endurance so she could keep up with her kids, and still enjoy life after they grow up.
  • She's lost 15lbs and her muscle definition is like it was decades ago when she was a soccer player.
  • Speaking of the custom plan Dr. Ryan made for Cara, she said: "This was so simple... Nobody should feel intimidated to do this.... it was awesome."
  • Energy, mood, and performance are all up!
  • "You nailed it, because you were my one stop shop."
  • “He makes it simple. You just have to jump on board. Try it out and see where you will go. It's exciting!"

"You will not regret it. 100%"

Back in the Saddle: Devin's Road from Despair to Vibrant Health

  • When she's not caring for her energetic 8 year-old daughter, Devin is running a horse farm in Georgia where she rehabs horses
  • When Devin came to SummaUp she was struggling with debilitating chronic health problems that were making her life a living hell
  • A myriad of medical professionals couldn't pinpoint the problem — they kept telling her "there's nothing wrong with you" — but there were many wrong things going on
  • "I was living in pain and agony every day. Everything that I ate made me sick. Some days I could ride a horse, but then the next day I couldn't even walk."
  • This young mom was ready to give up on life at just 32 years old, until her husband said he needed to see his doctor
  • Dr. Ryan quickly discovered multiple vitamin deficiencies and hormone abnormalities,  plus a food allergy and a disrupted microbiome
  • Fast forward 6 months and Devin no longer needs an afternoon nap — instead she's hitting Personal Bests in her workouts!
  • Devin is also able to coach her daughter's soccer team and show horses again, activities she worried would never be possible again
  • Without the chronic health problems robbing energy and causing anxiety, Devin says she's more patient, present, and positive.
  • "I'm a much better wife, a better mom, and a better friend."

LeanFastRx Also Includes These


— A $297 VALUE —

Semaglutide Supplies

When you embark on your LeanFastRx journey, we ensure you're fully equipped for success with every Semaglutide injection.

UberHuman Video Vault

LeanFastRx members unlock immediate entry into Dr. Ryan's UberHuman Video Vault, a treasure trove of over 80 videos guiding you to ultimate health, covering topics like...

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180-Day Performance Guarantee

Your LeanFastRx Transformation Timeline

Week 1

Feel a lasting fullness while fueling your body with delicious, nutrient dense foods. You're setting the stage for both weight loss and muscle toning.

Week 2

Witness a dramatic reduction in appetite, paired with the early signs of muscle toning. Weight loss kicks off and you start to sculpt a slimmer physique.

Week 4+

Weight loss consistently hits 1-2 pounds per week. LeanFastRx's dual-action approach means you're not just slimming down; you're shaping up! 

Week 12+

With a leaner physique and enhanced muscle mass, you're at your peak strength and vitality —  showcasing the lasting impact of LeanFastRx!

Safe & Sustainable Weight Loss is Possible!

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Weight Loss Acceleration Protocol

Proven Safety & Efficacy

You Can Trust Our Physician-Backed Solution

Clinically Validated Formulation

Our Semaglutide + L-Carnitine combo is based on findings from the latest clinical studies.

Prescribed by a U.S. Medical Doctor

Your prescription is issued by Dr. Ryan, a board-certified American physician.

Shipped From a U.S. Pharmacy

Your Semaglutide + L-Carnitine will be sent directly from an FDA-licensed U.S. pharmacy.

Claim Your Clinically Proven Solution

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180-Day Performance Guarantee


Upgrade Your Weight Loss Journey with LeanFastRx


without LeanFastRx

  • Dissolving bone density
  • Losing precious muscle
  • Sluggish metabolism
  • Get-wrenching side effects
  • Zero accountability


with LeanFastRx

  • Fortifying bone density
  • Preserving precious muscle
  • Accelerating metabolism
  • Smoothed out sides
  • Non-stop accountability

Embrace a Leaner, Stronger You 

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180-Day Performance Guarantee


Getting started with LeanFastRx is simple and straightforward...


Purchase your membership and fill out a brief health history form.


If you're approved, your Semaglutide will be sent out via UPS Next Day Air.*


Get started with the program. Don't hesitate to reach out to your coach!

Begin Your LeanFastRx Success Story

180-Day Performance Guarantee

* If you are NOT approved, you'll receive a full refund within 72 hours.

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Billed every 6 months



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Normally $1,379.97

Billed every 3 months

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processed you will receive an electronic receipt and further instructions.

180 DAY


I've witnessed countless people safely transform their physiques with my LeanFastRx program — that's why I'm more than happy to offer you this guarantee...

Try LeanFastRx for 180 days, and if you're not completely wowed by your results, I'll give you a free consultation with me... and send you more Semaglutide! 

Dr. Ryan

Dr. Raul Ryan Das, MD
Board-certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here's The Proof that LeanFastRx Really Works...

  1. Wilding JPH, Batterham RL, Calanna S, Davies M, Van Gaal LF, Lingvay I, et al. Once-Weekly Semaglutide in Adults with Overweight or Obesity. N Engl J Med. 2021;384: 989–1002.
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Trust the Science

180-Day Performance Guarantee