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LeanGut: Glp-1 Probiotic + Digestive Enzymes with Betaine HCL

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6 months supply

If you're on GLP-1 medication, but struggle with digestive issues, LeanGut can help enhance your digestion and nutrient absorption while alleviating common symptoms like bloat and gas.

Our clinical strength formula includes digestive enzymes and probiotics tailored to support those on weight loss regimes.

GLP-1 Probiotic Formula

What it is:

GLP-1 Probiotic is a specialized blend featuring key bacterial strains that naturally increase GLP-1 production based on preclinical studies.

This includes:

Akkermansia muciniphila Produces postbiotics such as propionate and P9, enhancing GLP-1 secretion.

Clostridium butyricum Generates butyrate, a postbiotic that prompts GLP-1 production.

Bifidobacterium infantis Creates acetate and fosters a gut ecosystem that boosts GLP-1 alongside other strains.

How it works:

Eating activates your body’s metabolic processes. As food progresses through your GI tract, beneficial bacteria like Akkermansia and Clostridium butyricum transform fibers into butyrate, and Akkermansia releases P9.

These compounds stimulate GLP-1, a hormone that regulates insulin production and gastric emptying, helping you feel full, curb your appetite, and maintain a healthy weight.

Enhanced Digestive Formula with Betaine HCl

This advanced formula is designed to optimize digestion and maintain ideal stomach pH. It includes a robust blend of enzymes:

  • protease  for protein digestion,
  • lipase  for fat breakdown, and
  • lactase  for lactose digestion

Each enzyme is specifically chosen to complement dietary needs, particularly for those on GLP-1 medication.

Central to this formula is Betaine HCl, a key ingredient that elevates its efficacy. Betaine HCl plays a crucial role in balancing stomach acid levels, significantly enhancing protein digestion.

This action not only improves nutrient uptake but also simplifies dietary management, making it a cornerstone for those seeking to streamline their digestive health alongside weight loss medications.

What’s included in 6 months supply:

  • 4 bottles of Digestive Enzymes Formula with Betaine HCL
  • 6 bottles of GLP-1 Probiotic Formula
  • Dr. Ryans Optimal dosing regimen tailored to your GLP-1 dosage


LeanGut: Glp-1 Probiotic + Digestive Enzymes with Betaine HCL
LeanGut: Glp-1 Probiotic + Digestive Enzymes with Betaine HCL Sale price$499.99 Regular price$679.00